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User Experience

UX enables a smooth user navigation. It aims to cut down on pain points so consumers can easily make a desired choice.

We examine your existing designs and platform to build strategies that result in success.  Enhancing your digital strategy through a comprehensive assessment and implementation approach.

Our Services

UX Audit

  • Heuristics Analysis
  • Interaction Audit
  • Usability Testing

Product Research

  • Concept Testing
  • User Research
  • User Persona
  • Survey Design
  • Product Definition

Product Design

  • Prototyping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Wireframes
  • User Flows
  • Agile Work Methods
  • UI Application
  • UI Style Guide
  • Visual Interface

UX Consulting

  • Custom Agile Work Methods
  • Weekly Standup Meetings
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Ongoing Support

Our Approach



Kick-Off Meeting
Projects begin with an initial kick-off meeting to understand the project scope, team, goals and key stakeholders.

Stakeholder Interviews
Interviews are conducted to understand the goals and expectations of each stakeholder.

KPI Alignment
We ensure the key performance indicators selected accurately measure the success of the project.


Product Research

User Interviews
In-depth user interviews are conducted to enable us to empathize with them, and understand pain points.

Different types of research are conducted depending on the specific project; competitive research, field research, & domain research.

Surveys allow us to gather both qualitative and quantitive data.



User Personas
Creation of personas that will represent your target audience.

User Flows
Create and understand the path a user will take through the platform.

User Stories
We build user stories to understand the features from their point of view.



Wire Frames
Wireframes are created to understand the page structure.

We create a clickable prototype to understand the user flow.

UI Application
Implementing User Interface design. We create specific UI style guides.