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TaskHuman is a 1:1 coaching app with over 1000 skills to choose from.


  • TaskHuman


  • Branding / Custom Web Design / Digital Marketing

  • Wellness

The Ask

TaskHuman came to ABP with the following:

o  Create the TaskHuman Visual Identity

o  Design & Develop the TaskHuman Website

o  Digital Assets: Ads, e-books, graphics, illustrations

o  Brand Assets: Google slides templates, Custom Hubspot templates

o  SEO: With a focus on on-page content and technical optimization

o  Paid Media: Creating strategy, deliverables and implementation

The Challenge

The challenge was in creating a brand that would appeal to both a B2B and B2C audience while also aligning with their already established verbal identity.

Our Solution

ABP was able to craft a visual identity that pulled elements that would appeal to both audiences; Business and consumers. Pulling colours from the orange family to represent the positivity and human aspect of the TaskHuman brand.

The website was designed to keep both audiences engaged and rigorous user flows for both targets were created. This allowed users to seamlessly navigate the website to enjoy a bespoke user experience.

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