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We are your partners in the digital world

We approach each project like a blank page, carefully curating the project team to
provide our clients with unparalleled talent. As digital specialists, we support your team in realizing their business objectives and pave the way for sustained success.

Principles and Values 

Our objective is to support and advance our clients as they navigate their digital journey.

The connected nature of our world presents brands with the chance to connect with their audience authentically. With the advent of new digital platforms, brands now have multiple touch-points to showcase their unique personality. Our aim is to demonstrate to our clients that a well-planned and integrated approach to utilizing multiple channels can amplify the impact of their message.

Our Core Tenets

Our core tenets represent the values and principles that are central to who we are, both within and beyond our organization.


We seek harmony in both our professional and personal lives. We highly regard both our team and client's time, constantly seeking to provide value. Our commitment to balance extends to all aspects of our core values, ensuring we practice each one consistently and evenly.


Our community encompasses not only our internal team, but also our external partners and clients. They are the cornerstone of our community. We cultivate a culture of mutual respect, open communication, and a supportive work atmosphere.


Trust is the foundation of our team's dependability, honesty in their work, and the assurance that all tasks will be completed within deadlines and within budget. Trust is a key characteristic we cultivate among our team, clients, and partners.


We aim for excellence in our team members, the outputs of our work, and the services we provide. We seek collaboration with individuals who align with our values, understand the requirements for success, and work towards the improvement of all parties involved.

Our Team

Marc Herman, Founder & CEO

Marc is a passionate entrepreneur and brand builder. He is committed to helping clients achieve their goals through the creation of innovative brand strategies and implementation of impactful marketing campaigns.

Lauren Chervinski, SEO Strategist

Lauren has a strong background digital marketing, with over 5 years of experience in the industry specializing in SEO. She is passionate about her clients and mastering the ever-changing search landscape, with a dedication to the art of optimization.

Jason Keen, Lead UX Designer

Jason has over 10 years of experience in the digital sphere. He has been a digital designer, product designer, and user experience designer. He then used his passion for sharing UX by teaching the field and inspiring the next generation of UX designers.

Kevin Quach, Lead Developer

Kevin is a highly skilled full stack developer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He boasts a strong understanding of user-centric design and media development. As a leader in his field, he is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by exploring new technologies and best practices.

Sean Rainey, Design Director

Sean believes that the principles of UX and UI should be integrated into every design project, resulting not only in a visually appealing outcome, but a strategic one as well. With his innovative ideas, he consistently delivers custom and stand-out solutions.

Briana Garelli, Art Director

Briana has a decade of experience as a multidisciplinary visual designer. She brings a unique aesthetic to each project with an eye of minimalism and beautiful typography. She specializes in all things art direction, web design, print and illustration.

Ciara O'Brien, Content Strategist

Ciara possesses over 7 years of marketing expertise, having worked with prestigious clients such as Coca-cola and Starbucks. She has taken her passion for content to new heights through her skills in copywriting and brand strategy. She is an expert in creating brands through imaginative copywriting, brand positioning, and messaging.

Lydia Quon, Developer

Lydia is a versatile front-end developer with a broad understanding of web design and development. She is dedicated to continuous learning and expanding her skills, with a focus on fast development platforms like WordPress and Webflow. Her attention to detail guarantees that the websites she creates adhere to all design specifications.