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We are your digital partners

We approach each project like a blank page, carefully curating the project team to provide our clients with unparalleled talent. We are the digital experts your team needs to execute their business goals and enable long-term success.

What We Stand For

Our mission is to empower our clients throughout their digital evolution.

The interconnected world we live in gives brands the opportunity to communicate with their audience in a genuine way. The emergence of new digital channels allows brands to showcase their personality at multiple touch points.  
We strive to show our clients that their messaging has a larger impact when strategically pushed through multiple channels that work in tandem.

Our Core Tenets

Our core tenets signify what is important to us, what we live by both internally and externally.


We strive for balance both in work and in life. We value our team and our client's time immensely, meaning we are always trying to add value. Balance extends throughout our core values to ensure we are living each one equally, everyday.


Our community extends beyond our internal staff to include our external partnes, and our clients. They are the essence of our community. We have created a culture of shared respect, open lines of communication and a positive work environment.


Trust means each member of our team is dependable, has integrity in their work and ensures every task will get done on time and within budget. Trust is a trait we choose to be and have in our team, our clients and our partners.


We strive for quality in the individuals we employee, the work we put out and the business we serve. We enjoy working with individuals that share our values, understand what is needed for success and work for the betterment of everyone.

Our Team

Marc Herman, Founder & CEO

Marc is a passionate entrepreneur and brand builder focused on developing creative ideas from concept through launch. He is involved in all aspects of the client journey and instrumental in building enduring relationships.

Shelby Foley, Digital Strategy Manager

Shelby has over 5 years of experience in marketing. She enjoys working with companies to expand their marketing plans to include digital channels. She is an expert in creating strategies where channels work together to achieve business goals.

Jason Keen, Lead UX Designer

Jason has over 10 years of experience in the digital sphere. He has been a digital designer, product designer, and user experience designer. He then used his passion for sharing UX by teaching the field and inspiring the next generation of UX designers.

Kevin Quach, Lead Developer

Kevin is a full stack developer with over 10 years of experience. He has a strong background in user-centric design and media development. He is a leader in his field and dedicated to exploring new technologies and practices.

Sean Rainey, Design Director

Sean believes that UX and UI principles should be woven into the fabric of everything design project, it ensures not only a visually appealing end product but a strategic one. His creative concepts enable him to consistently deliver truly bespoke and stand-out solutions.

Briana Garelli, Art Director

Briana has a decade of experience as a multidisciplinary visual designer. She brings a unique aesthetic to each project with an eye of minimalism and beautiful typography. She specializes in all things art direction, web design, print and illustration.

Ciara O'Brien, Content Strategist

Ciara has over 7 years experience in marketing, she has worked with clients such as Coca-cola and Starbucks. She has taken her love of content to the next level through copywriting and brand strategy. She specializes in building brands through creative copywriting, brand positioning and messaging.

Lydia Quon, Developer

Lydia is an open-minded front-end developer with a comprehensive background in web design and development. She strives to keep learning and growing her skill sets, focusing on rapid development platforms such as WordPress and Webflow. Her meticulous eye for detail ensures that the websites she builds follow the design specs as close as possible.